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What you’ll learn:

  • The importance of networking.
  • Why you need to ask the right questions.
  • How to be adaptable.
  • Who to listen to and who not to listen to.
  • Why it’s okay to like shiny things.
  • How to access the possibilities.

“Clothes are more than what we wear, they’re a vehicle to express our values, our style and our identity to the world. A great outfit can uplift a mood, help us to make a strong impression, and manoeuvre through the world a little easier. A great stylist offers the professional wisdom to help you get there”.

Lauren Di Bartolo.

My Experience at Become A Stylist

I live in Bangkok and decided to make the journey to Melbourne and attend Certificate Of Professional Style and Image. I found that there was something special about Australian Style Institute; they teach you the important things you need to know in the styling industry, with a wealth of experience and knowledge. I had done my research and found that other courses on the market didn’t compare and that what I would learn at Australian Style Institute is not taught anywhere else in the world. Since completing my Advanced course as well, I have been on an incredible journey. I wanted to be the first person to boost the confidence of plus size women in Asia, so I branded myself as ‘Asia’s First Plus Size Stylist’. This has led me to television appearances, creating a plus size model contest and helping women to embrace their attributes. I now have the ability to change the lives of women and love waking up every morning knowing what I do makes a difference to others.

Ghay Lokvit, Thailand

I was looking to make a career change into something I was passionate about and had always played with the idea of becoming a stylist. At the time I was in a completely different career, having studied sports science for 6 years and working with youth athletes.The first day I walked into the Certificate of Professional Styling and Image training I knew styling was the career change that I was looking for.  From the minute I arrived at Australian Style Institute, the atmosphere was warm and nurturing. I learnt everything I needed to start a career in styling. Now I am working as a full time personal and editorial stylist and have now completed the Advanced Certificate course. Making the change to styling has been one of the best decisions I have ever made and I am so glad I chose Australian Style Institute to help me make it happen.

Juvelle Behrendorff, WA

I had been receiving information from Australian Style Institute for a number of years, waiting for the right time. I was working as an urban and regional, in a very corporate environment but lacked the passion of being excited to start each day and I always felt something was missing. The Certificate of Professional Styling and Image 5-day face to face training was the very first time in my life that I felt I belonged. I had never been in a room of such amazing people, all like-minded and interested in fashion styling. The information delivered was so powerful, yet relatable – day 1 my idea of fashion was blown out of the water, and by day 2, I was already in the headspace of a stylist. Completing my first editorial fashion shoot was pretty spectacular, and is a piece of work I am extremely proud of. But for me, the biggest achievement since attending since my 5-day face to face training was finding my true self. Being enrolled in the Advanced Certificate of Professional Style and Image Course is the best thing I have ever done,  and have never looked back.

Jenita Porter, QLD

I decided to attend Certificate of Professional Styling and Image because I wanted to obtain the skills and insight into becoming a professional stylist. I was working as an interior stylist at the time but always had an interest in fashion, particularly the personal styling side. The course provided me with the chance to not only connect with like-minded people but also the enthusiasm and confidence to take the leap towards a new career path.  Since then I am working in my own business as a personal stylist in Sydney while styling my own clients. I feel so energised and am now doing what I truly love: helping clients from all walks of life look and feel fabulous.

Sally Bruce, NSW

Lauren Di Bartolo, Founder & Director and Professional Stylist

The expert opinion: Our Certificate and Advanced Certificate of Professional Styling and Image programs have been developed by Australian Style Institute’s founder and director, Lauren Di Bartolo.

Lauren’s vast styling experience and notable success have seen her emerge as an industry leader and innovator. She has worked with some of Australia’s largest companies, leading teams and prominent individuals seeking to improve their image.

Over many years running her own successful styling business, Lauren developed a unique ‘transformational’ approach to styling that addresses both the physical and emotional needs of the client. With a focus on the power of style to transform our perception of self and others, she created her own ‘Styling Success System’ – designed to leave clients looking great and feeling confident.

Implementing this system in her own work, Lauren quickly generated a large and loyal client base with individuals and corporates seeking out her services Australia-wide. Seeing a growing demand for skilled professionals in her field, Lauren combined her skills in multiple design disciplines with her expertise in human behaviour and vast industry experience, to create a new approach to training fashion stylists incorporating her unique styling methods.

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